[Advanced] Keywords for your Google News sitemap

With the Google News Advanced plugin you can add keywords to your news sitemap.

A. Configure the plugin:

  1. Go to Settings > Google News and open the tab Advanced.
  2. Set the option Use keywords from to either Categories, Tags or Keywords.
    If, for example, you already use the WordPress core taxonomy Tags for your news posts, then simply choose that. But if you wish to use a dedicated custom taxonomy, then choose Keywords here.
  3. Save settings.

B. Give your news posts relevant keywords:

If you have chosen Categories or Tags above, then assign relevant terms to the usual Categories or Tags for your latest news posts. If you have choses Keywords, then a new taxonomy field will be available. This new taxonomy works the same as Tags. Enter your terms, separated by a comma or the Enter key. Then save/publish your news post.

Once the plugin is configured and relevant keywords in the chosen taxonomy have been assigned to your latest news posts, they will appear in the Keyword(s) column in your news sitemap.