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      I have my clocks in a post – I would like to change the color of the secondhand.
      I still want the clocks to be the default skin, and only change the secondhand color.
      The info i can find on customization is only in widgets, which I am not using.

      How do i change the color of the second hand?

      – Stine

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      Hi Stine, if I’m not mistaken we already had email contact about this but for anyone viewing this thread, searching for a similar answer:

      Both in the widget and the coolclock shortcode it is possible to switch to a Custom skin. But even if you need only one element’s color changed, you’ll still need to define most other elements or the custom skin will not function well.

      Visit and copy the parameter code beside your favorite clock. Then read further on how to apply and adapt your own clock skin for both the widget and shortcode.

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