CoolClock – Advanced

CoolClock – Advanced extends CoolClock for WordPress with advanced options.


CoolClock (free) »CoolClock Advanced
Widget, Shortcode or theme functionyesyes
Compatible cross browser/platformyesyes
22 Preset skinsyesyes
Set your custom skinyesyes
Linear or logarithmic time scaleyesyes
Show 12h digital time (hh:mm am/pm)yesyes
More digital time options *
Time with seconds, 24h digital time, date or custom text
Font options * for digital timenoyes
Background options *
Image or color, rounded corners, adv. positioning
1 extra, clean skin *noyes
Priority supportnoyes

*) Descriptions:

  • More digital options: time with seconds, 24h time, date or custom text.
  • More font options: Next to font color, change font type, style and size.
  • Background options:
    • Background color.
    • Rounded corners.
    • A custom background image field. Allows for setting an URL to an image that will serve as background to the clock. This can be any kind of image, it's completely up to you!
    • Background image position, size (if your background image is larger than the clock) and repeat options.
    • Background image stretching ('cover' or 'contain') to force-fit it to your clock size. Works well with the new responsive clock.
  • Clock position: this will allow you to control the exact position of the clock in respect to the background image.
  • One extra skin: Minimal. This skin serves well with background images.
  • One year of (or unlimited) Updates and Premium support

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  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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Please find our plugin installation instructions here.

What you get

After following the installation instructions, you'll have two plugins: The free CoolClock plugin plus the Advanced extension that brings advanced options to the table. These extra options allow you to customize your clock with your own background image.

The following examples shows how you can create your custom clock.

Example #1: Widget with background image

Image #1: the CoolClock default widget
Image #1a: the CoolClock default widget

Let's say, you added an Analog Clock widget with all the default options to your sidebar. It should look like image #1a.

Now, with the Advanced extension activated, go back to your WordPress Appearance > Widgets admin page and open the widget to edit its settings.

Change the skin (theme) to the new one called 'Minimal' at the bottom of the dropdown list (image #1b) and the option Radius to 65 (image #1c) to better fit the coming background image. Next, fill out in the Image URL field (image #1d) under the new Background options.

CoolClock widget settings - Skin
Image #1b: CoolClock widget settings - Skin
Image #3: CoolClock widget settings - Radius
Image #1c: CoolClock widget settings - Radius
Image #4: CoolClock widget settings - Background image URL
Image #1d: CoolClock widget settings - Background image URL
Image #5: CoolClock widget on WordPress logo
Image #1e: CoolClock widget on WordPress logo

Then hit Save and admire the result on your site: A clock without a border and no minute or hour markers that fits snugly over a 125 by 125 pixel large WordPress logo.

But of course, you can choose your own logo or any other image!

Example #2: Shortcode with background image

The shortcode responsible for the minimalist clock at the top of this page is [coolclock align=right skin=minimal /] which uses the new skin Minimal.

When appended extra the new parameters background_image="" showdigital="date" fontcolor="red" font="bold 18px monospace" the result is visible here on the left.

Read more about how to use the CoolClock shortcode on The extra options available in the Advanced version can be found under the [PRO] Advanced attributes header. Under [PRO] Custom skin you can find a basic example of setting a custom skin for a shortcode.

You can find all the default skins on with their parameters to copy and reuse for your custom skin trials. Instructions and examples of how to use your custom skin are on

Have fun!