Icono – Pure CSS icons

This lightweight plugin adds the Icono pure css icons stylesheet to your WordPress site.


Icono is a beautiful icon pack that needs no external resources except one small stylesheet. No javascript or font pack needed. Any tag can be made into an icon with pure CSS by giving it the appropriate class.
Just add an icono class to any type of element that supports the psuedo-element.

Icono was created and is maintained by Saeed Alipoor and currently features 130 pure CSS icons.


The shortcodes [icon name /] and [icono name /] are available for easy insertion of icons in post or text widget content. See https://saeedalipoor.github.io/icono/ for available icons and their corresponding name. You can simply paste the name (with or without “icono-“) or use name=”icono-name” as a parameter.

There are also the parameters scale, rotation, color and style (for custom styling) available.


To show a big* red arrow pointing left:

[icono locationArrow scale=2 rotation=225 color=red]

*) scale=1 corresponds with the default of around 32 x 32 pixels for most icons.

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