The second BIG 30 sale

Once again, starting right now on Black Friday the 23rd and running until the end of Cyber Monday the 26th this November 2018, the first 30 customers that use the coupon code BFCM30 will benefit a 30% discount on both the Easy FancyBox Pro and CoolClock Advanced plugins on this website. After that, there will still be a discount of 15% 20% for everybody until Tuesday 0:00 GMT/UTC

To be clear, these are the rules:

  1. Make sure before checkout the discount is applied. If not, fill out the coupon code BFCM30 in the discount code box manually and hit Apply!
  2. The discount will only be available from the start of Black Friday until the end of Cyber Monday.
  3. The code can only be used once per customer, so if you’re looking to buy both plugins then better add them to the same cart before checkout…
  4. If you’re among the first 30 customers, a 30% discount will awarded immediately! All later customers will still enjoy a 20% discount.

Ready? Set… Go!

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