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    I am running the latest WP 3.9 and when i use the create gallery option in the media section of 3.9 to add images. When i visit the newly created post and gallery i click on any image and it takes me to a page with that image on it then i can click on that image to open it in fancybox. How can i just open the newly created post and click on an image and have them all open in the fancybox and scroll through them ?

    When creating the gallery i do get the option to link to either a attachment page, media file or none. Which should i choose.

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    Hi George, choose Link to: Media file when inserting galleries or single images. This will make it skip the attachment page.

    After inserting the gallery, switch to the HTML editor tab and look for the [ gallery ] shortcode. It should now have the parameter link="file" in it.

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