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    I got a problem with my Contact Form in a Fancybox. The Lightbox works, but it always centeres the bottom of the lightbox when opened. Of course, I want it to open with the top, because the contact form should be fillked from top to bottom and I don´t want the user to scroll up before starting to use the form.

    You can check it here:

    The link to the box is “schreibt mich einfach an” (the second “blue” link in the text)

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    Hi Lukas, your inline content should not be scrolling down by default…

    It looks like you disabled the light box effect for your contact form so I cannot see it happen live. Could you create a temporary test page where the same contact form can be opened in the light box?

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    Hi, thanks for your reply. I didn’t change anything and can not say for what reason it’s not working at all anymore. I triggered the fancybox with the following:
    Schreibt mich einfach an!

    [contact-form-7 id=”4632″ title=”Contact form 1_de”]

    In the beginning it worked well, just opened at the wrong place.

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    I figured out that the fancybox works again when I check “Activate Fancybox for” Images (when I just set it to inline content, it doesn´t work). But then, every image on my website is openened in fancybox lightbox. As I use galleries with lightboxes suiting my needs much better, I do not want fancybox to open my images. Is there another way to open contact form 7 but only contact form 7 with fancybox?

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    Hi Lucas, my apologies for the late response. Your bug report is being worked on right now. I’ll report back on it’s status as soon as I have some news!

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    Thank you for your help, I just got help through the contact form and have my fancybox on


    Best wishes

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    Hi Lukas, looking at your site the links seem to work but I do notice you have multiple times a <div id=contact_form_pop> (each time with a contact form inside) in your source code. Multiple divs with the same ID is not allowed. The light box will in this case, always open the first one.

    If you wish to have multiple links to the same contact form, then you can simply leave ONE contact form, wrapped in <div id=contact_form_pop> and remove all the others. But if you wish to open different contact forms (or other inline content) then you need to use a different ID each time. Adapt each link/button to match the ID of the inline content that you wish to open.

    Hope these tips help 🙂

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