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    alphasystems gmbh

    I have a Divi dialog where I can enter a URL. I don’t have the chance, to enter the href directly. How can I get Fancy Box to load ?

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    Hi alphasystem, welcome on these forums and thank you for your purchase!

    I do not completely understand your question. Is this a typical Divi theme (page builder) thing where you can enter a URL? Is that a page element and what does it create then on the front end? A link?

    If the element has advanced options, look for a way to append a “class” to the link. Then set that class to “fancybox”, “fancybox-inline” or fancybox-iframe” or other (depending on whatever the URL points to).

    Else, try a simple “text” element…

    Or maybe I misunderstood. Then please share a link to the page where you are trying to get it to work 🙂

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    alphasystems gmbh

    Jip. Its a page builder element called “image”. You can add a link for the image, but only the link… The class you can add in the element adds the new class to the div around, but not to the a-Tag.

    I hoped, that there’s a possibility to add a parameter to the url or something like that, I thought I had seen something like that somewhere in the informations about fancyBox… (e.g. http://www.newiframe.de/test.html?fancybox_iframe )

    Meanwhile I did it “manually” with a normal text element and then it worked … But that’S not usable for the authors on the customers side…

    Thx for your quick response and help.

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    Hmmm, I suppose this is more a feature request for ElegantThemes: “A link class for the Image Element A tag.”

    That said, the idea of adding a parameter to the URL which can then be autodetected by FancyBox is not bad at all. I’ll work on it in the development version and let you know when it is ready.

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