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    Hi RavanH,

    a couple of years ago I asked you how to disable Easy FancyBox in the links to wikimedia images. An example:

    (Wikipedia Link)

    You suggested me to use in each link the “nolightbox” class:
    (Wikipedia Link)

    OR to add to my footer.php file the following script:

    jQuery(document).on(‘ready’, function(){ jQuery(‘a[href*=”commons.wikimedia.org”]’).addClass(‘nolightbox’); });

    Both the solutions worked, I used the second one (the script), because this way I could keep my original links (there are a tons of them in my site).

    PROBLEM IS that the ‘script’ solution does not work anymore. Something has probably changes in the plugin recently.

    Could you please help me to fix the script? My website address is http://www.webfoodculture.com, the image links are at the very bottom of each page.

    Many many thanks in advance.

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    Hi Antonio, yes I see how the script is not working anymore. Or rather: it’s working but too late.

    Please try this version of the script:

    function(){ jQuery(‘a[href*=”commons.wikimedia.org”]’).addClass(‘nolightbox’); }

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    Hi Pharéo,

    yes! it works perfectly!

    Many many thanks for your help!



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