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      I have flipbooks, pdfs, html documents and Youtube videos that I want to open in a fancybox.

      The videos and pdfs will open in Chrome but the flip books and htmls will not. When I try to open htmls or a flipbook in Chrome, the lightbox opens but in the middle of the lightbox there is an icon indicating an error. I’m not sure but this could be related to iframes. Looking at the code, those links without class=”fancy box-iframe” will open (videos & pdfs) but the flipbooks and htmls which use class=”fancy box-iframe” will not so this seems to be the problem. Also, I created a custom css button for some of the links and I am including it as a class whether or not I use class=”fancybox-iframe.”. If I have a class between . . . . The lightbox will not work with Chrome. Any suggestions?

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      Hi spamis, can you provide a link? Seeing the ussue live might tell me more about what might be going wrong…

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      The link is:


      Try the “Canadian Orders” button and the “Look at the book” button. (the flipbook for the “Look at the book” button will not show right now because I had to remove it due to space limitations which I will correct tomorrow).

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