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      Pablo R.

      Hello there.

      I bought your plugin to get rid of prettyphoto on the media grid of VC and it works just fine (I had to deactivate prettyphoto via functions though, or i’d get your lightbox OVER prettyphoto…)

      But I want to keep the default lightbox on the woocommerce product page instead of yours (currently both appear, first Easy Fancybox over the regular one). Could you explain me how to do it? I know it involves the settings “apply to” section and “sections”, but i dont know exactly how.

      Here you have a sample product page where i want to deactivate easy fancybox:


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      Hi Pablo, comparing different pages of your site source code I have the impression that most content is wrapped in a div with class entry-content except products. This we could use in our advantage…

      As you already suspected, go to Settings > Media and find the option Apply to in the Images section. Set it to Links inside Sections(s) only.

      Then scroll a bit down to find the Section(s) field. Enter div.entry-content here. Then Save the options.

      Let me know how it works out 🙂

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      Pablo R.

      Hi again,

      It worked like charm. Thanks for the quick reply!

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