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      Ellis LaMay

      Hi All,

      I followed this guide:

      It worked, except that when I click a layer on my slider the lightbox opens with only one image in it.

      How do I make modifications so that the lightbox opens a gallery with several images in it?


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      Hi Ellis, you can try setting the Autogallery option to “All in one gallery” to see if that works.

      If so, then it might be possible to fine-tune it more so it works better in combination with other galleries on your site. Can you share a link? If you don’t want to share it publicly, please use the contact form here.

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      Ellis LaMay

      Hi RavanH,

      Setting the Autogallery option to “All in one gallery” did not work unfortunately.

      I’ve sent you the link to the page I’m trying to implement this effect on through the contact form.

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      Yes, got it. Thanks 🙂

      The first thing I noticed was the weird rolling effect that the loading icon has got. It is a sure sign of a second, conflicting FancyBox version. And indeed I found another version inside the main theme script file /wp-content/themes/jupiter/assets/js/core-scripts.js

      The theme was built to include the fancyBox2 script and therefore it is not compatible with the Easy FancyBox plugin. Sorry for this disappointing answer.

      Possible solutions are:
      1. Strip all things related to FancyBox from the theme (this might be very difficult and will make upgrading later very hard, unless you know how to make a child theme)
      2. Remove Easy FancyBox and revert to using the theme’s own included FancyBox version. The RevolutionSlider instructions look like they should work for that version too…

      I’d advise option 2, as with option 1 you will likely encounter many unforeseen difficulties and side-effects… I can send you a refund for the Easy FancyBox Pro extension — if you don’t want to keep it for another website project later of course.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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