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      Twig Interactive

      Hi –

      It seems that each time an inline-lightbox link is activated, EFBP wraps the content in a relative

      but it forgets to remove them after the lightbox is closed.

      If you look at the attached code snippets, you can easy after each time the box is opened + closed, the original inlined content gets an additional

      wrapper. Usually not an issue, but if you are targeting that element with a descendant selector, it breaks the CSS.

      Could the plugin just return the inline content exactly hw it was before the lightbox was triggered?

      Great plugin – very happy I went Pro!

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      Hi Twig Interactive, thanks for the report and feedback.

      The effect is known, it just never came up to be a problem. But I see your point about possibly breaking certain CSS.

      I’ll see what can be done about it and let you know asap!

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      Update: could you try the new .15 release that should be available in your WP updates now?

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