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      Bianca ALVAREZ

      This is what I’m trying to accomplish:

      I also don’t want a transparent background, but full color #f5f5f5

      And, how can I update the close (X) button?


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      Bianca ALVAREZ

      You can click on the “Contact” button to view what I have so far:

      This is displaying a Contact 7 form

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      Hi Bianca, to change the background transparency, there is the field Opacity in the Overlay section on Settings > Media. Give it a value 1 to completely remove any transparency.

      Changing the close button appearance will be more difficult. We have an experimental plugin available that replaces the standard close button but it will look different to what you want. You’d have to create your own alternative button image to replace the one in that plugin.

      Or we could try to construct some custom CSS to get the close button to look like you want…

      Let me know what you prefer 🙂

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      To get the popup to show on the top left will take more that some custom CSS or alternative image. The script was designed to seek the center so our only option would be to make the popup as large as possible and then have the form align top left of its content.

      Go to Settings > Media and find the section Window. There, under Dimensions, set both “Width” and “Height” to 100% and test your popup again…

Viewing 3 reply threads
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