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OK, if the following restrictions are not a problem for you, then it can be done.

1. All hands originate in the center;
2. All hands have the same color;
3. There is no border for the outer clock edge needed.

Let’s do an all black clock with fat short hour hand, thinner but longer minute hand and longest and thinnest second hand.

We use the “outerBorder” element as center disc, which will look like the hour hand inner rounded end. Then we use hand decoration elements to form circles, placed at the tip of each hand to make those look rounded too.

Add a Ananlog Clock widget, choose “Skin: Custom” and paste the following code in the custom field:

outerBorder: { lineWidth: 2, radius: 5, fillColor: "black", color: "black", alpha: 1 },
hourHand: { lineWidth: 12, startAt: 0, endAt: 60, color: "black", alpha: 1 },
hourDecoration: { lineWidth: 2, startAt: 60, radius: 5, fillColor: "black", color: "black", alpha: 1 },
minuteHand: { lineWidth: 8, startAt: 0, endAt: 80, color: "black", alpha: 1 },
minDecoration: { lineWidth: 2, startAt: 80, radius: 3, fillColor: "black", color: "black", alpha: 1 },
secondHand: { lineWidth: 4, startAt: 0, endAt: 96, color: "black", alpha: 1 },
secondDecoration: { lineWidth: 2, startAt: 96, radius: 1, fillColor: "black", color: "black", alpha: 1 }