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Hi Ken, it looks like you found a bug. The noseconds parameter is ignored unless you explicitly set it to 1 (or true) like noseconds=1. It will be fixed in the upcoming release, but in the meantime just add =1 to hide the second hand.

To add a digital view to the clock, you can set the parameter showdigital="digital24+" but this cannot be done in combination with showdigital="date".

The font parameter applies only to the date/digital text and it must be in a very specific format to work. What are you trying to do? Make the text larger or in a different font face?

To change the hour and minute hand colors, you’ll have to create a custom theme. The following example is a very basic one with blue hands:

[coolclock skin="custom" radius="60" showdigital="date" noseconds="1" align="center" background_image="" background_stretch="contain"]
  "hourHand": {
  "minuteHand": {

This is the result: