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Indeed the distance should not be a problem.

The weird thing is that this call to our server (checking for updates) should only happen during the wp_version_check cron job for privileged users. And so it should not be able to slow down your normal admin responses at all, just like any other plugin or core update verification or auto-updates.

The DOING_CRON constant needs to be set to true for the update check to happen during normal admin browsing… IS anything other than WordPress core defining the DOING_CRON constant? Do you have some plugin running that interferes with WP_Cron maybe?

And even then, the license is only checked (the EDD_SL_License->check() in your log) once per week, and the response is then stored as transient data. Do you have a plugin that deletes transient data that has not expired yet?

So in short, two mysteries here that I cannot imagine happening on a normal WordPress installation:
1. Why would the update check happen during normal admin browsing? It should only run when DOING_CRON is true.
2. Why would the license check run more often than once a week? It should store the license status as a transient in the database.

I’ll be searching further…